​Our writings and visuals are available freely, yes, FREE OF CHARGE, through this website. They are not intended for sale, resale or any form of commercial exploitation. If you find them beneficial and wish to share them with friends and family, go ahead! You are under no obligation to do anything else. 

Should you still feel a need to compensate us, we would encourage you to make a donation to one of our favorite charities. See the next page: OUR CHARITIES. They have all been vetted for mytopian ideals and are near and dear to JS Demba's heart.

The following publications will be available as time goes on:

  1.  Demba's Regimen for a Healthful Existence:
      A reference poster for parents, educators and health practitioners, anywhere in the               world. Based on demba's assertion that we eat what we are. It   deals with food 
      for the social, spiritual and physical aspects of our being and is in tandem with Demba's         favourite questioning dictum: If your life style is not promoting wellness, what is 
      it promoting???  The first 3 people to solve the CYCTW acronym will receive a copy of         demba's limited edition painting entitled "School's Out".

 2Demba's Lexicon Definition of terms employed in JS Demba's writing. Feel free to request       a clarification of any terms which have not yet appeared in our lexicon. Send such                 requests to [email protected].  

  3. Retirement: the fifth passage

  4. Playing The Game: a rescue plan for sports, business and politics

  5. African Woes: Ten Barriers to an African Utopia

  6. American Woes: Ten Barriers to an American Utopia

  7Ten Reasons why Denmark is on top of the World

  810,000 & 1 Witticisms: A compilation of age-old truisms, many of which have the                 potential of cultivating desirable behaviour. Should you have any contributions for our 
      list, simply send them to [email protected] and they will be posted within a short 
      time. For sayings that originate in non-English-speaking cultures, kindly provide in 
      both the original language and the English translation. 

  9How to Live a Long Life. We share this scientific fact with great reluctance, since 
     our world is too overcrowded as it is. Keep this to yourself or share with only your closest      friends.

10. Global Warming: It's the population, stupid! cyctw.


12.  IF: COVID-19 Governmental Complicity IF 



       Racism in Truth