This page contains links to JS Demba's WORD ART. Each is a distillation of philosophical positions or 
     political commentary on a variety of topics. All pieces are freely available electronically and may be 
     shared by such means without restriction. Hard copies are copyrighted to  JS Demba, from whom  
     they are  available upon request. A single signed original is available from the artist under the 
     following terms:

     PRICE: US $1.5M payable in advance by e-Transfer to [email protected]; or by certified cheque 
     to JS Demba, PO Box 25008, Halifax, NS, Canada, B3M 4H4. 

     NO ORDERS will be accepted from Donald J. Trump until he has written and globally publicized an 
     acceptably-worded apology for his 1/11 (2018)  filthy-mouthed disparagement of African countries.   

     001. PATRIOTISM 101: patriotism 101 
     002: DAY OF SHAME: 1/11 day of shame 
     003: PEACE, WAR & NOBEL: peace war and nobel
     004: ECONOMY OR GLUTONOMY: economy or glutonomy
     005: GLOBAL WARMING: its the population stupid
     006: LAW & ORDER: law and order
     007: GOD HELP OUR CHILDREN: senate shenanigans
     008: DAY OF SHAME: day of shame