JS Demba is an artist, photographer, philosopher, vermiculturist, gentleman farmer, healthy living advocate, humanitarian and mytopian. He is reclusive without being retiring and detached without being disinterested. His preferred contact with the world at large is by email and through this website. His favorite place is his garden; his favourite animal, the butterfly. 

JS Demba lives in his own special place, a place he calls Mytopia. This is a place where his highest values predominate. It is a refuge from what he calls "the 'jackassism' of the outside world". In this, he claims no difference from the majority of humankind, for we each have our Mytopias, whether we acknowledge it or not. To the extent that any difference exists, it is his  willingness to invest time, energy and belief in his, to the benign disengagement of others' whether they are socially sanctioned or not.  JS Demba believes that efficiency is next to Godliness and abhors wastefulness of any kind. He is a humanitarian at heart and is particularly drawn to those who are charitable in thought, word and deed. They are truly God's children and the best hope for establishing a utopia here on earth.

"Utopia will be attained when we learn to reconcile our intellect with the baser aspects of our being. Until then I shall live in Mytopia". 

JS Demba, cyctw.